Are you living in fear or have you suffered violence?

Do you feel that you need support and someone to talk to about your situation?

KVINNOJOUREN in ÖSTERÅKER: telephone 08-540 600 16

We work under confidentiality rules and our advice is free.

We help women who have suffered violence:

• Some type of physical violence
• Psychological violence or repression
• Sexual violence or coercion
• Economic violence
• Material violence
• Violence related to honor 
• Negligence
• Isolation

According to Swedish law, it is forbidden to threaten someone or expose them to violence.

You are never guilty of the violence to which you are subjected.

You can get help and support to change your situation.

We offer:

• Support talk, either by phone or staff, if you visit us
• Sheltered housing (shelter) for women and children
• Support in contact with the authorities, for example, the police, social / health services.
• Support with the lawyer and during the trial
• We can inform you about your rights
• Anonymity and no records

You can get in touch with us: 08-540 600 16 every day between 8 and 22

Email: info@kvinnojoureniosteraker.se

We work to counteract all forms of physical and psychological violence against women and children in the immediate environment.

We are a non-profit civil society association, independent of any political party and religion.

We are members of Unizon, a national organization for women’s shelters in Sweden.